Lumber Jack Pellets Group Buy in Portland, OR – June 2016

I’m looking to put together a group buy of Lumber Jack pellets in Portland, OR. I’m personally looking to buy a quarter-ton but would like to team up with other interested people to drop our overall price. Would meet at terminal to receive the best possible prices. Quarter-ton Pricing for your Lumber Jack Pellets would… Read More »

Category: BBQ

First Babyback Rib Cook on Yoder YS1500

Ok, now I’m a believer. My new Yoder YS1500 has been burned in, initially seasoned with 4lbs of bacon, and now finally with it’s first cook. I used a Costco 3-pack package of babyback ribs and three different rubs for this cook. The first was a Chicken and Pork rub, a Sweet Rub and one… Read More »

New Yoder YS1500 Pellet Smoker

After seven years as a die hard Traeger Lil’ Tex pellet smoker owner, I wanted to see what the marketplace looked like. Sure I was loyal, had recommended Traeger grills to family, friends and random people I walked by at Traeger roadshow events at Costco and Home Depot, but after seven years, I began feeling the itch… Read More »

OpenKM v6.2.3 -> Active Directory Integration

There have been lots of changes to OpenKM since I last wrote about it. Working on getting Active Directory integration and OCR rock solid on a CentOS 6.4 x64 platform running under Hyper-V on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. Here’s what I’ve learned… Active Directory I’m running Active Directory on a pair of Windows Server… Read More »

OpenKM v5.1.9 -> Active Directory Integration

I’m working on a project at work to transition a document repository from an out-of-date, archaic version of Application Xtender to something that’s newer and a little easier to maintain, and hopefully web-based to eliminate client installations. Some of my other requirements are the ability to OCR documents for full-text searching, a robust security model,… Read More »

Enabling Apache SSL via Microsoft Certificate Server

The paths for this example are based on FreeBSD 7.2. You’ll notice extra lines inserted into the sequence of commands below. You’ll need to enter the key file password either once or twice for each command preceding an extra line. Also, replace URL with your server’s internet name (e.g. wherever it is used below… Read More »

My Son Joined the Navy

Justin wants to repair aircraft avionics aboard a carrier. One of the proudest moments for a father is when his son or daughter goes off to start their life and you can sense their commitment. I always knew this but never really felt it like I do now. Justin enlisted in the Navy  this month and… Read More »

Qwest Signs Multimillion-Dollar Data Networking Agreement with Leading Managed Dental Care Provider in Northwest

DENVER — Qwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE: Q) today announced that it has signed a three-year data networking and voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) agreement worth $3.8 million with Willamette Dental, one of the largest managed dental care providers in the Northwest. Willamette Dental provides full-service dentistry at office locations in Idaho, Oregon and Washington… Read More »